Processor: Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.40 GHz Memory: 4GB DDR3 storage: 500GB HDD LCD 21.5 Inch LCD Wifi dvd Cam
PHP 10,300
ModelLX10 Series
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01.  Product summary information: office equipment (computer / notebook / printer)
00. Information about the terms of the transaction
Information on how to deliver goods Product Details Page Reference
Expected shipment after order Product Details Page Reference
Information about the simple remorse of the consumer, not the product defect, and the cost of the return of the customer when the application is canceled due to mis-purchase Delivery, exchange, return Details page reference
If it is not possible to withdraw the subscription due to simple remorse or mistake purchase of the consumer, not the product defect, Delivery, exchange, return Details page reference
Replacement, Return, and Warranty Conditions of Goods and Quality Assurance Standards Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards (Fair Trade Commission Notice) and related laws and regulations.
A / S related phone number of goods Product Details Page Reference
The method of receiving the refund, the fact that the refund is delayed, and the fact that the repayment can be paid due to the delay, and the specific conditions and procedures for the payment of the indemnity Delivery, exchange, return Details page reference
Handling of consumer damage compensation, handling of complaints about goods, and handling of disputes between consumers and operators Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards (Fair Trade Commission Notice) and related laws and regulations.
What is the terms of the transaction or how you can verify it? You can see the details of the product page and the Terms of Use link at the bottom of the page.
01. Return period
  • In case of simple remorse: Within 7 days after receipt of the application
  • If the product is defective or misplaced: Within 3 months after receipt of the item, or within 30 days after the fact
02. Return shipping cost
반품 배송비
Reason for return Return shipping fee bearer
Simple remorse Customer to pay

Including initial shipping costs, there will be a round-trip shipping fee. Also, if you are returning from a book / mountain area or an installation item, shipping charges may be added.

Poor or misplaced product Not at customer's cost
03.  Refund according to delivery status
Progress payment complete Product is in preparation At delivery / shipping / shipping
Any state Before order confirmation Preparing shipment The item has already been shipped to the courier
Refund Instant refund Purchase cancellation → Dispatch → Refund Returned items → Returned goods confirmation → Refund
04. How to cancel
  • You will need to cancel your payment or delivery by 1: 1.
  • Cancellation fees may apply for certain products.
05. Refund Point
Method of Payment Refund Point Refund Method
Credit Card Cancellation of card issuer within 3 ~ 5 days after the cancellation is completed (business day) Cancel credit card authorization
Bank Transfer Refund within 1 ~ 2 days to the refund account you entered after real-time 
account transfer or cancellation of bank transfer deposit (business day)
Deposit account
Mobile Phone Billing Cancellation of the day's purchase history Cancellation within 6 hours after cancellation Cancellation of cancellation cancellation within 
1 ~ 2 days after cancellation of cancellation of purchase history (business day)
Cancellation on the day: Cancellation of mobile phone payment Cancellation of
next month: Deposit
Point After completing cancellation, earn points on the same day Earn Refund Points
06. Cancellation Not Returned Reason
  • We will not accept cancellations / returns for 7 days after delivery.
  • In the case of order / production products, cancellation is not possible if the production has already been made.
  • Cancellations / returns are limited if the components are lost or broken / broken / contaminated due to careless handling.
  • Prices may vary due to manufacturer's circumstances (new model releases, etc.) and part price changes.
  • In case of trouble (allergy, red spot, itching, stinging) when using beauty products, a refund can be made by showing proof of medical treatment and opinion, but in this case, all costs must be borne by the customer.
  • For each item, cancellation / return may be restricted for the following reasons.

Product Group Reason for cancellation/ non-return
Laptops, desktop PCs, etc. If hologram, etc. are separated, lost or damaged, the value of the product is significantly reduced and resale is not possible

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