6 months warranty



6 months warranty



6 months warranty



6 months warranty



6 months warranty


Parts (Memory, Hard Disk Drive, Power Supply, Video Card, Motherboard, Processor)

6 months warranty



30 days warranty

Brand new


2 months warranty

*Please see individual products for specific period of warranty.


PC4U change prices often. To get updated, kindly visit our website first or you may call our office or leave us a message thru our website.

PC4U reserves the right to change the product's prices at any time without further notice.


PC4U gladly accepts reservation of items provided that they pay for at least 30% of the total items to be purchased. Reserved items will be valid for 1 WEEK ONLY. If the customer would like more time, please call our office or message us in our website. This may not be possible if there are reservations following yours or may require an additional fee. If there is a sudden price change occurs within the reservation period, ORIGINAL PRICE upon reservation will be imposed. If the reserved items lapsed for MORE THAN 1 WEEK, it will be automatically CANCELLED and a cancellation fee of 10% will be imposed.



All items have a 7-day allowable outright warranty replacement. Change for USED and BRAND NEW items can be made within 7 days from the date of purchase (excluding Sundays) in the following circumstances:

-       Price of the item purchased will be based on the CURRENT MARKET PRICE if there is a sudden PRICE DROP occurred within the 7-day period.

-       If there is a PRICE INCREASE, exchange amount of the item will be based on the ACTUAL AMOUNT PURCHASED.

-       Outright Replacement can be apply if the item has no physical damage, the warranty sticker has not been tampered, with complete accessories or peripherals and packaging.

-       PC4U strictly implement the NO RECEIPT and NO WARRANTY STICKER, NO REPLACEMENT.


1.    Processing of warranty/service is within 21 working days (Depends on the availability of the parts). If the process is completed, our client will receive a call from us.

2.    If the defective item is under the 7-day allowable outright warranty replacement period and has NO STOCK available, the customers can return and upgrade their item provided that they will pay for the upgraded amount and the warranty period of that item will be based on the first transaction.

3.    If the items is unclaimed within 30 days after our customer service informed you, the company shall have a storage fee of five percent (5%) per month based on the actual amount of the item/s.

4.    If the item/s is/are not claimed within 6 months by the customer, PC4U is hereby authorized to dispose the item/s.

5.    During the service period, PC4U doesn’t have any liability for any issues may occur.

6.    Make sure to fill up the SERVICE FORM that will be provided by our customer service and make sure that all of the information asked are correct and complete.

7.    PC4U technical personnel are hereby authorized to subject the items for inspection.

8.    All defective items are for service only and are subject for inspection and repair only within the warranty period.

9.    The warranty is void if:

-       The item has been damaged by accident, misapplication, mishandled or any abnormal cause of event (i.e Damages caused by fire, earthquakes, floods, and other incidental events.)

-       The warranty sticker of the item/s has been tampered and or altered in any way.

-       The item has been opened, repaired or serviced by other technician.

-       If the sticker serial number has been tampered, changed, defaced or removed.

-       No sales invoice and no warranty sticker.

10.  No on-site services allowed and lending of other units.

11.  PC4U is not responsible for any data loss. The customer is responsible for backing up their data before requesting for a warranty service. Software or virus problems is not included on the warranty of the computer.

12.   For provincial clients claiming repaired item/s, our customer service will inform you the cost (if any) and the shipping fee for returning the item to your place.



PC4U shall not be accountable for any data loss or extra damage of any item/s that were sent in our office, due to any abnormal conditions that is beyond our control (i.e fire, earthquake, floods). Due to copyright on softwares, PC4U will not be held liable for seized or confiscated item/s by the authorities due to unlicensed software.



 PC4U doesn’t accept third party sales agents(s). Order or transact only directly with authorized PC4U employees. Buyers can contact us only through registered phone and mobile numbers, e-mails that is posted in our website. Deposit only to our bank accounts or fund transfer accounts that are registered and/or posted in our website. You can call or e-mail us using our website to be sure that you are transacting with our authorized PC4U employees.


By checking the box below, you agree that you are responsible to pay for all the products that you submitted or requested subject for online ordering and pay any additional charges such as delivery fees and taxes with your order. You are also responsible for providing the invoice/ proof of payment of all fees.

By all means, signature on the customer’s receipt/s that is/are ordered online will not appear will still agree on all the terms and condition.

PC4U is not allowed to install/reformat illegal or pirated operating system that is not purchased in our company.